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About Jen
One memory that travels as far back as my mind can go...is how much I have always loved taking pictures. Growing up, my heart felt so connected to finding ways we could make our most important moments last. I wanted to know I could re-live them at anytime. Photos were my greatest treasure and still are to this day. I like to think that being a photographer is at the deepest core of who I truly am. 

To now be making a living doing what I love most, is nothing short of a dream come true. I love finding ways to pause these beautiful memories in time for so many others outside of my own family now.

If I'm not behind the camera, you might find me traveling round the globe (my other greatest passion) or barefoot in our country kitchen, drinking coffee out of a mason jar, blasting Dave Matthews Band music while cooking Kyle a fabulous meal! 

About My Work

My personal style combines a candid approach, along with an eye geared towards fine art, to ultimately provide you with beautiful and well composed portraits. I don't aim to simply take a picture, but rather, towards finding a unique way to tell your story. I'll place you in a position ideal for photographing and then simply let life happen. It's the in-between moments that strike a chord within me. These are the precious memories I hope to catch for you to look back on and enjoy. 

Aside from in-home sessions for newborns or being at stunning wedding venues for events…you'll find me outdoors, on location, for each and every shoot. Where we have your session will be determined based upon where you live and which areas are looking best as the seasons change. I love to highlight the epic beauty of the Pacific Northwest in our backgrounds and always prefer to work with natural light. I'm energetic, flexible, full of creative ideas, extremely detail oriented and live for the next best shot. It is an absolute privilege being a part of your most cherished moments, at all different stages of life.

Kyle | Jen Sanders Photography

About Kyle
This sweet man is not only my amazing husband…but also works as the other important half of the business as a session assistant and second shooter! If you are one of the hundreds of families we have photographed, or couples whose wedding we have shot, you know what an incredible addition Kyle is . He is amazing with children, helping me steal grins for the camera and also at keeping you and your family engaged with us as we work. He is masterful at organizing wedding day details, helping brides and grooms to feel extremely comfortable. Kyle puts a lot of the FUN in this job for everyone! It is always our goal to make sure you have the best time when working with us. I'm very thankful for how effortless that becomes when the two of us are out having a great time on the job. When Kyle's not busy being superman on my behalf…you'll likely find him on the golf course, out tasting his favorite Washington wines or helping plan our next dream vacation!


The Story of Us
Kyle and I are high school sweethearts! Can't believe I've been adventuring through life with this man for more than half of my years alive!! Having a lasting love story of our own, against all odds, makes us appreciate yours even more. We love getting to know our clients and bringing out the very best in all of you…as you so often do for us.